Eric Ortiz

" I love when a song can remind you of someone and bring back memories, whether you smile or get choked up it is always a wonderful thing."
-Eric Ortiz
Along with everyone else that knew him, my heart aches and my soul is hurting for a man that made everyone feel special, loved and happy. Eric Ortiz was a brilliant musician, a family man and someone who greeted everyone with a warm smile. 

During the quarantine, he helped Live Like Roo raise $45,000 while going live on our Facebook page for Virtual Happy Hours. We split the funds and without him, I am not sure Live Like Roo Foundation would still be helping animals and their families through a cancer diagnosis. I am forever indebted to Eric. 

Now, it is my turn to be there for Eric’s family, who often made appearances in our events. Half of the proceeds from sales of these items will go to the family. 
More about the artwork: 
I wanted to do some kind of art in his memory that really showed who he was and it had to be perfect. My friend Andy does great work and knowing how busy he is, I was hoping he could do it for us because I knew it would be incredible.
Well, not only did he make this amazing piece, but the thought and love behind it is impressive. Says Andy: “I listened to Oasis and looked at their old album covers and it hit me. They use Helvetica Bold font (just like Roo). It was meant to be.”
For more on Andy and his amazing work, please check out his website: Thank you Andy for doing Eric justice.